Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Fighting Spirits!!

Photo by Dimon Blr on Unsplash

Dear Readers,

Thank you for coming here! 

We had a team building event last week. 

While it could be called a competition, it was a very casual one, because it quickly became clear that our performances heavily depended on the tool we got allocated.

The tools were supposed to be identically efficient. 

They were not!

So the casual competition became even more casual.

Most of us did not care about winning at all. 

The prize for winners were not attractive anyway.

Instead, we focused on interacting with our colleagues and having fun.

Photo by Chris Sabor on Unsplash

As the game went on, to our surprise, we could not help noticing how fiercely the two VPs, highest management present that day and oldest among us (50s and 60s), competed against each other.

They were observing which tools were the most efficient and demanded them to be assigned to them.

And of course, they tried everything to be as fast as possible.

In the final round, when most of us got hungry and just wanted to have a good dinner, the two VPs were still in their games, full hearted.

Of course, one of them was the champion. 

And no one could miss the excitement on his face. Clearly, he enjoyed his sense of achievement.

Photo by Austrian National Library on Unsplash

As one of the first to lose interest in the game and give up competing for winning, I could not help wondering whether I lack the fighting spirit in me.

The game surely looked boring and unfair. 

I chose to lose interest and give up.

The two VPs chose to take it as another opportunity to challenge themselves. They decided to give their best to win.

I wonder whether I have given up too many small things like this at work and in life.

Each of them could be an opportunity to improve myself or others.

Each of them could have accumulated to make a difference.

Maybe that is why they are VPs.

Maybe that is why they look and feel younger, even with their grey and white hair.

Physical ages matter less!

Till next time!